Irresponsible Riding On Local Trails

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Its been just a while since I’ve climbed up on my soapbox to rant, but in the past few days I’ve had more than one person complain about some of the riders on the trails near my home.

In Northern Georgia where I ride the trails are packed with a variety of riders with varying abilities. Fast riders will without a doubt come upon slower groups of riders while winding through the trails. Remember this though, some people just can’t compete with your super-human abilities aboard an ATV, so slow down!

If you encounter slower riders do yourself and them a favor and slow down your approach, pass respectfully when its safe and don’t be the crazy, oblivious idiot that runs children, families or amateur riders off the trail.

Remember, these people are the same ones parked next to you in the loading area at the trail head and you might just have to face them at the end of the ride day.

One last thing, I’m out there too and if you think you can ride wide open on my side of the two-way trail, you’ll have to haul that wadded up junk that used to be your ATV out of the 45 foot drop in the ravine from the middle of the trail system all by yourself.

It pays to be courteous!

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