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Now that Yamaha has introduced its all-new 850 parallel twin in its 4-passenger Wolverine, we’re wondering which Yamaha vehicle we’ll see this mill shoehorned into next.

Clearly, there are a few vehicles in Yamaha’s line that could use a bit more jam – such as the 3 and 6-passenger Vikings, Yamaha’s venerable Grizzly and most certainly the 2-passenger Wolverine.

Here’s a thought, though: The 850 was introduced in a new vehicle, so perhaps we could see it in one more new model before the others get an update – and we’re talking a pure sport utility ATV.

If you’re a reader of Dirt Trax mag and have watched our show, you’ve no doubt seen our WR700 Grizzly project that saw AJ Lester transform a stock 700 Grizzly into something that could hold its own against a Scrambler or Renegade. We think Yamaha could have had similar aspirations and the 850 twin’s development had this specific application in mind.

Dropping the 850 into a Grizzly chassis with new plastics inspired by the Raptor, would definitely deliver showroom sizzle, but we know this vehicle could have way more to offer.

Yamaha has endless resources from its race department and could call upon GYTR to outfit a sport tuned exhaust plus modifications to fuel delivery and clutching to add some arm-stretching jam.

Add ITP TerraCross tires wrapped around factory beadlock rims and Yamaha’s strong relationship with Fox could see 3-position QS3 shocks at all four corners.

Lighten the ATV up by eliminating the headlight and gauge cluster and add aluminum handlebars and remove the front and rear racks. This ATV could be everything the industry has been dreaming of for years and could be just enough to re-ignite the competitive spark between Japanese manufacturers.

More to follow…

Mike Lester
Mike Lester
Mike Lester is Staff Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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