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Ever seen a trailer load full of really expensive, really heavy ATVs or side-x-sides rolling down the road only to realize they aren’t tied down to the trailer properly?

The fact your ATV weighs in at about 600-700 pounds doesn’t mean it will just stay right where it sits on the trailer – especially after a quick brake check due to a sudden stop light change. Simply running your quick strap through the rack of your ATV doesn’t make it secure either.

The suspension on your atv can and will compress as you drive down the road which can allow loosely tied straps to come unhooked from the trailer.

If you don’t properly secure the ends of the strap to a fixed point and test the strap by compressing the suspension to see if it will stay then you have a problem just waiting to happen.

Watch this great segment from Dirt Trax Television:

You should also know just how much weight your trailer can handle. The department of transportation is likely to pull over any overweight trailers and the fines are huge if you happen to be hauling more than what is safely permitted on your trailer.

Your driver’s license is also a consideration. Add up the weight of the truck you are driving with the weight of the trailer and then add on the weights of the off-road vehicle you’re hauling. If this is over 10,000 pounds, in most states you’re required to have a different class license from just the standard permit.

Be sure you’re legal and taking the necessary steps to secure your toys and it will keep everyone safer down the road.

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