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Lots of buyers of ATVs and side-x-sides tend to go for the fastest, coolest or even trendiest off-road chariots without considering the unit’s overall versatility.

Sure the off-road industry has its work horses, but if I had a large farm or ranch I would have to consider many different things about the machine I would purchase for obviously many different applications than simply trail riding.

On a recent hunting getaway I met some genuine cowboys and ranch hands that used their ATVs and side-x-sides to manage the herds of cattle and horses.

Not only did they use the side-x-sides to corral the occasional loose cow, but they also carried hunters on their properties to supplement their income.

To accommodate the change from workhorse to transportation they simply dropped off the tools and picked up the hunters with their gear adding a gun boot or tool rack for each purpose.

They based their purchase on which UTV would best serve them while doing their daily chores.

Now I’m not saying I want to convert my Grizzly or Outlander to work vehicles because that’s mot why I bought them.

Fun-filled days of riding my ATVs or side-x-side down tree-lined trails is exciting without a doubt, but if I had to use mine for work applications too I have to wonder if I would choose a different model than what I currently own.

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