Land Pride Auto-Lock Differential

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Land Pride in Salina Kansas manufactures several lines of heavy duty side-by-side UTVs for both utility and recreational use.

One distinctive feature of the company’s 4410 series is an Auto-Lock differential. This unique technology automatically senses wheel slippage then locks the differential so both wheels are biting.

On 4×4 models, these diffs are used on both the front and rear featuring overrunning clutches that allow the fast wheel to run ahead in turns so the rider doesn’t tear up the ground or get excessive feedback through the steering wheel.

Another exclusive is Land Pride’s combined Park position for the transmission and the parking brake. By engaging just one lever, the tranny is placed in park and the parking brake is activated.

When the lever is moved out of position, the parking brake automatically releases. You’ll never drive away with the parking brake engaged again – like you’d ever do that!

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