Let’s talk Can-Am 2010…FINALLY

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By: Luke Lester

For 2010, Can-Am has created a race program where riders are eligible to receive a free stage 1 kit for their DS 450. This kit consists of a high flow slip on and new ECU along with some other goodies. This stage 1 kit unleashes 30% more power on the bottom end and 5 more ponies up top! In a nutshell, it makes the DS 450 even more awesome than it was before.

Everything from the Renegade to the Outlander Max is now available with dual mode power steering. This progressive steering system means that steering effort increases as wheel speed increases so at higher speeds, there’s less twitchiness. The difference between these two modes is HIGH is for lower speeds and tight, rough terrain and LOW for increased speeds on trails or fire roads.

The Renegade lineup gets a new package called the X-XC loaded with goodies from the trick colors to its cool wheels and dual mode Power Steering. Outlanders have a new front end, plus power steering and a selection of wheels. The biggest news here is the XT-P package, which is the primo version of the Oulander and comes in both regular and Max trim.

The Max Limited gets made-over with a touch screen GPS mounted on the bars, dual mode power steering, new paint and revolutionary 5-way adjustable air suspension that allows the driver to adjust the rear preload via a handle bar mounted switch.

A small but efficient compressor under the seat pumps up the custom air shocks to one of 5 preset settings. When you want less preload a valve opens up and lets the air out. This setup works better than we expected. The compressor is fast too and only takes a few seconds to bump up the air shocks.

Something else that caught our attention was on the side of the compressor system is a quick disconnect and inside the trunk you’ll find a coiled air hose with standard fill valve. Simply take off the seat, connect the hose and fill up your flat tires or anyone else’s within the ten-foot range of the hose. With different fill attachments you could easily use this system to fill a rubber dingy for fishing, water toys for the kids or an air mattress for camping. If you like multi purpose toys on your ATV… this is the best one of all.

Luke Lester is the Host of Dirt Trax Television. Check out Luke’s blog at www.DirtTraxTV.com for more photos on the 2010 Can-Ams and visit the website for upcoming show times.

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