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When introduced last fall, the Maverick X3 upped the ante on the entire Pure Sport segment. It is revolutionary in so many areas of comparison, not the least of which is its ultra sleek, low slung and aggressive profile.

The low-slung profile of the X3 is not just sizzle, it’s engineering steak that’s a direct response to the original Mav’s upright, too-tall posture. The lowered center of gravity that includes a radically re-invented cockpit and more reclined driver positioning is without equal right now.

Wouldn’t you know it, Can Am has taken the X3 and it’s radical ergonomics and styling to the Max.

The 4-seater X3 Max appears somewhat automotive, actually sort of SUV-ish from the side. 165 inches overall with a 135-inch wheelbase. With 22 inches of travel, front and rear, this vehicle, in this long wheelbase, 4-place edition is simply amazing in whoops, bumps, transitions and gnarly terrain at any speed.

The capability of this Max takes the archetypical Pure Sport SxS genre to a new and unequaled level of speed and control on off-road surfaces.

Yes, the Max rendition of the X3 is actually a fairly simple chassis lengthening exercise of nearly three feet – 34 inches actually. This extension of the Max looks neither awkward nor obtuse but rather balanced and athletic. In our opinion, from some angles the profile of the X3 Max is actually more appealing than the 2-seater X3.

The Max’s rear seat comfort is excellent. Is it better than all other 4-seater pure sports we’ve encountered to date? Because the Max is almost 3 feet longer than the 2-seater, there’s not only more room, there’s comfortable room for the rear passengers. Riding in the rear of the new X3 Max is not a prison sentence – it’s a spacious place to take in everything off-roading has to offer.

If there was a compromise in the way the Max worked in terrain then it might make the X3 Max less desirable, however, it’s more adept in high speed terrain and rough off-road excursions than the 2-seater X3.

Is the Max less fun on trails? Possibly, if the trail gets tight. Is the three feet of Max meat and its resultant 400 extra pounds something you should be concerned about? That’s a tough question. If we had to argue there’s a good case to say the 2- seater should be faster, by how much faster we’re not able to quantify right now. However, the answer to that question is high on our agenda.

Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on Dirt Trax TV.

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