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I’m still amazed that even today not everyone is concerned with safety.

I visit some very large and extremely popular ride areas all across America and there’s always at least one or more off-roader with no regard for their own safety and quite frankly its disturbing.

Injury or death caused by negligence or as a result of not wearing proper safety gear become statistics that provide ammunition to use against our sport.

Some people argue that its personal choice and these people have the freedom to do what they want, but the thought of my child being hurt because I did not take the time to teach him how to ride properly or provide proper safety gear or worse yet, being hurt because of someone else’s ignorance scares me. I can affect my child’s life forever by just setting a good example.

I spend a great deal of my time riding ATVs and side-x-sides and man I can tell you, I just don’t know what people are thinking sometimes. Impairment from drugs or alcohol has no place on the trails alongside powersports equipment. We practice zero tolerance when we ride and that’s something I will instill in my children and you should too.

We need to always remember that our children are watching our every move. If we act irresponsibly it gives them the green light to do the same. If we make smart decisions, they’ll get on board just as easily.

Be safe and lead by example.

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