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A little while back I wandered down into the woods behind my dad’s house to speak with some kids who were riding there.

At first they looked like they knew they shouldn’t be there, but what they didn’t know was I’d actually done the exact same thing when I was their age.

Riding in the woods is something I think young kids need to do more often. Encouraging a child to get outside in the open air and enjoy nature rather than sit in the house and play video games is something more parents should do.

If we criticize kids when they try to do what we all as adults say they should be doing it sends a confusing message. Maybe we should teach them how to respect property and how to take care of and protect it to ensure they’ll be able to ride there in the future.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it is. We want to raise responsible adults and this is the best place to start. Plus, this is the next generation of off-roaders and teaching them to respect where they ride stay with them their entire lives.

So what happened to the young boys riding behind Dads house? I simply explained to them I didn’t mind them riding there as long as they stayed on the trail and didn’t leave any trash around for me to pick up.

The look on their faces was priceless and they have been some of our best neighbors since!

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