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Arctic Cat recently pulled the sheets off three new ATV models and the interesting part is these are completely new ATVs designed to nail segments the company has only dabbled with in the past.

Underlying this strategy is the desire Arctic Cat has to deliver ATVs that are fully equipped yet really affordable for the marketplace in the current economy.

The first segment covered is what Cat calls the “Crossover” market. ATVs in this category are targeted at the off-roader who wants the lightness and agility of a semi-sport quad but still wants to play in the mud. Certainly, fully featured 4-wheel drive is a must-have.

Next, Cat has targeted an area where it has had huge success in the past. Remember the big-selling, overachieving 366 4×4? Arctic Cat has expanded on this platform and kept the pricing low.

The new Arctic Cat 350 and 425 are slightly downsized sport utility ATVs with a full load of equipment including 4×4, Duramatic CVT trannies, independent front and rear suspensions and all the racks and utility features you need for getting to the hunt camp or just playing in the mud.

Never forget: The price is paramount here and these two deliver a ton of bang for low bucks.

We’ll be featuring each of these new models on over the next few days. Keep checking us out.

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