OUTDOORSMAN: Pay Now or Pay Later

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I am blown away at how quickly the sport of atving is changing. Enthusiasts are piling on big miles each season and we’re seeing all kinds of units with huge tires and snorkel kits for mud running and deep-water capabilities.

There’s a big cost associated with enjoying your ATV in this manner though and its not just about the price tag for aftermarket parts.

As technology changes, servicing your ATV or side-x-side requires more and more help from trained professionals like the ones found at your local dealership.

I’ve always said that I spend more money on maintaining an ATV than I ever have maintaining my snowmobiles. Case in point, in 2000 I bought my first new ATV Рa Polaris 400 Explorer 4X4. I put a little over 4000 miles on it in the 4 years I owned it. Maintenance costs, while not excessive, added up.

Twice a year I’d service the differential & transmission with 80/90-gear lube, usually a rear chain & sprockets and several times per season I’d service the air filter and grease the chaise. I’d usually do the majority of the work myself, but nowadays I find myself leaning on my local dealership more and more.

The bottom line is your ATV or side-x-side needs to be serviced regularly and if you can’t do it yourself, you need to find yourself a good dealer and ensure you stay on top of a regular maintenance schedule.

Believe me, if you let maintenance slip to save a few bucks, you’re gonna pay for it later!

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