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What you’re looking at is not a full sized ACE. When you see one on the dirt you nearly have to do a double-focus squint to make sure it isn’t a big brother ACE, maybe a bit further away from your line of vision.

Polaris has been skillful and careful to deliver a pint-sized (actually a medium pint – maybe closer to a quart) ACE replica that outputs the same level of entertainment as its adult-sized kin. The product planners have been careful to specify the entry-level age is 10-year-olds and they probably sleep better at night knowing kids will have seatbelts on and a roll-cage to protect them in worst-case situations.

Some impressive features: The 149cc 4-stroke single offers EFI – a super upgrade for both the kid operating the ACE and the parent who would ordinarily be frustrated playing with throttle and choke to get it started. By the way, there’s electric start included.

Interior amenities include the usual ACE stuff – a nice supportive adjustable bucket seat, good belts, side nets and – wonder of wonders – a tilt steering wheel. This means more return on parental investment. Your kid can get one of these when they’re 10 and be challenged and comfortable with the same ACE 150 as they grow into a teenager or at least, a tweener.

Suspension is the real deal too. Dual A-arms up front with juice shocks and 5.1-inches of travel. Out back there’s a more basic swingarm suspension and 6-inches of travel. Plenty of cush for kids, we think.

The 150 is 2WD but has hydraulic disc brakes at all four wheels, a decently usable cargo box and a long 65-inch wheelbase to soak up trail junk. Oh, there’s a whopping 9-inches of ground clearance here so you can stop worrying about getting hung up on roots and rocks.

If you’re wise about using the 150’s parental throttle control system and give your kid plenty of supervision, they could likely have the biggest grin in their classroom as their jealous pals drool over this awesome, surprisingly capable off-roader.

One word of advice: Invest in a winch. Your kid is going to want to go where you go.

Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on Dirt Trax TV.

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