Polaris Ranger 700 EFI Takes The Cake As Best UTV

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UTVs or Side by Sides have been around for a number of years but have skyrocketed to prominence recently as the introduction of some new, innovative models with exciting features have opened up the market to a much wider population than before.

With significant power and really good handling and suspension, the appeal of the UTV has become universal. It’s fun to experience off-road riding with another person, too and these machines will go virtually anywhere an ATV will go.

They’re narrow enough to be ridden down conventional trails and offer extreme comfort, amazing climbing ability and a thrilling driving experience.

Out of the five contenders we chose for the Best UTV Award in the All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine’s Best In Class issue, we agreed on the Polaris Ranger 700EFI as the overall winner.

It’s a tough choice and the runners-up in this category are all very strong contestants. What tipped the scales in the Ranger’s favor is its power.

The smoothness and linear power delivery of the big-inch electronically fuel injected twin under the Ranger is absolutely impressive in this application.

Throttle tip-in is immediate and the engine’s power is both velvet smooth and laden with ominous torque.

Two other things make the Ranger a winner. It’s cargo capacity is extremely good and its suspension, both front and rear, is excellent. The fact it has a three passenger bench seat is a big asset when you need the extra space for hauling an extra passenger out of the woods.

When it comes to the final cut though, it’s all about the fabulous power this UTV makes.

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