Preventative Maintenance Season Is Here

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Have you thought about the amount of work you and your faithful machine are bound to accomplish during the fall?

One thing most people don’t consider is the constant strain put on their ATV or SXS while working it hard during this time of year. Here are a few tips you might want to think about.

Making sure you get proper belt tension will keep utility vehicle rolling when you need it.

Getting stuck in the muck at the low lying parts of your property can also put additional strain on the drive lines. CV axles fail due to high stress every year, but this can be prevented.

Grease on your machine’s parts will hold dirt and grime so know that a busted cracked or even just a pin hole in the boot can absorb dangerous amounts of bearing-eating debris.

Simple things like a fouled plug can ruin the day or week if you are in the remote areas by yourself. The biggest mistake many people make is using cheap gas without realizing its potential to varnish the internal fuel delivery system.

It’s true that fuel injection may or may not be affected so much by ethanol, but fuel varnish can clog injector ports.

It is best if you take a minute away from “getting the big buck” this fall or from exploring miles of colorful trails and service the machine you love so you can enjoy many more years of fall riding.

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