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If you’ve ever been in a position where you could possibly put your ATV to work, it’s surprising what it can actually do.

Yeah, we know: Telling your wife you need an ATV or SxS because you have a lot of work to do around the house, ranch, cabin or farm is a great excuse for buying one, but the fact is, most ATVs are not used primarily for work duties.

There are some highly developed attachments you can buy though that can take an everyday 4-wheel drive sport-ute and convert it, temporarily, into a workhorse.

Ever thought about using your wheeler to cut grass? There are some self propelled mower attachments that are fully evolved and really do a fantastic job on the lawn.

There are dozens of farm utility attachments that can be pulled behind an ATV or UTV for tilling, plowing, seeding or cultivating weeds.

These are no-nonsense attachments that are both durable and proven in the marketplace. We’ve been using a grader-style attachment for a number of years and it does a great job on gravel driveways and walkways.

In the winter you can choose to attach any number of excellent plows or even a snowblower. The snowblowers, like some of the grass cutting attachments, actually feature a separate 4-stroke motor with them and don’t depend on having a PTO like you need with a garden tractor.

What has surprised us is how much fun it is to put your ATV or UTV to work. It opens whole new doors of entertainment to the sport and truly makes 4-wheeled off-road vehicle ownership a bigger blast!

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