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I usually have no problem helping people work on their ATVs, Motorcycles or UTVs, but when it comes to being the guy every neighbor calls on to borrow tools I’ve learned I’m not very tolerant.

I recently remembered I’d loaned a big piece of equipment out to a family member many years ago. Even though I don’t really need it right at this moment and truthfully I should have kept better track at the time I loaned it, I still think the person who borrowed it should have returned it to me.

I walked into his garage and there sat the engine hoist used to transfer a motor more than two years ago! The n to my surprise I began to notice things like my kerosene heater and multiple jack stands with my name all over the side of them.

The last item that that made me rethink my loan policy was a specialized and very expensive EFI device that reads and writes EFI maps for fuel-injected engines I’d loaned out more recently. Now I know two months may not be enough time for some guys to write a map program for their ATV’s fuel delivery, but come on!

I use my tools almost everyday so here’s some advice for those who tend to borrow tools or other items from someone else. No matter how many of the same tool they have, the owners almost always want them back.

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