To Snorkel or Not To Snorkel?

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Getting into the deep muddy waters at your local riding area can prove to be disastrous if your ATV isn’t properly equipped.

The mud riding community has many different opinions on how to make sure components such as differentials and the engine itself don’t get destroyed by water or mud and the most popular is probably snorkelling.

So if you’re tackling the job yourself, here are a couple things to remember.

The air intake gets a similar size piping or sometimes just a little bigger to ensure the engine can take a deep breath when the throttle is punched.

Many mud racers and trail riders will add a turn down on the end of the up pipe to keep any splashing water from being sucked in as they bounce through the muck as well.

The air intake and exhaust on a CVT belt system also needs to be plumbed up just as high as the air intake on the engine. This will keep water off of the belt and prevent slippage.

You should also take into consideration the rear differential, gas tank and transmission as they need to breath too!

If you’re wondering whether to snorkel your ATV, maybe its time to consider how deep you intend to go with it.

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