TOMCAR – Trooper in the Field and Trails

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Tomcar’s unique off-road vehicle was originally developed primarily for military use before being adapted into the mainstream civilian market.

The 2-seater was specifically designed to fit into a Sea Knight, Chinook or Sea Dragon helicopter along with 2 other units to be strategically dropped into battle.

All parts are symmetrically designed to fit quickly into place and service is field-capable so drivers can conduct all maintenance from on top of the unit instead of from underneath – clearly a precarious position for a soldier.

Weight is kept manageable while impact zones are reinforced with armored steel to prevent driver injury and vehicle damage over rough terrain.

Although these vehicles are now designated for off-road enthusiasts, Tomcar stands by its reputation to produce field-ready equipment available to the average off-roader. The showroom model is the same vehicle used in combat so you know it’s tough!

Read more about Tomcar’s lineup in the upcoming 2007 Buyer’s Guide and visit TOMCAR.COM for more information.

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