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Some riders are more concerned with getting their ATV or UTV out on the trail than protecting themselves, but wearing a helmet will keep your melon protected even if your good luck runs out.

I read a story about a man that wasn’t going to wear a helmet ever claiming an infringement of his freedom. This same guy rolled into a helmetless motorcycle rally in the streets of a Carolina town and was struck by a car. It wasn’t a hard hit he would have survived had it not been for his unprotected head bouncing off the bike right beside him.

If you do wear a helmet when riding, remember this: The foam inside your helmet compresses easily and when that happens it is no longer able to protect your skull and the gooey contents inside. I always wear a helmet and I didn’t realize just how important it is to replace mine after even a seemingly small impact.

Snell recommends replacing your helmet about every 5 years, but that’s only if you haven’t taken a crack to the head. Most helmet manufacturers suggest tossing your lid away after the first good smack though.

Do you wear a helmet? Do you have a good reason why you don’t?

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