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As ATVers, trail access is the lifeblood of what we do. Ask anyone that rides regularly whether they’d like to see more trails open up that they could ride on and I’m sure you’d get an emphatic YES as your response.

However, there are detractors working against us that would like to limit our access to trails and riding areas so I’d like to share a concept with our riding fraternity that can help improve our reputation and could lead to more access to riding areas.

The Off Road Power industry’s responsible use campaign labeled “TREAD Lightly” is a national non-profit organization committed to promoting responsible participation in many forms of outdoor recreation including ATVing and is supported and endorsed by all the big seven OEMs.

If you want to be a part of the solution go to the Tread Lightly web site and read up on what you can do to make a difference. This isn’t about everyone else except you – it’s about every single one of us that rides and enjoys ATVs.

Always remember that trails can be closed as a result of just one thoughtless action so be a leader in your group and respect where you ride. We need to ensure our ATV trails are there for generations to come and that will only happen if all of us learn to TREAD Lightly.

Visit for more.

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