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Seems like it’s a daily battle in the western United States to keep riding areas open.

There are many really great places to ride, but it seems those in control of this nation’s land make it tougher everyday to find a place to ride comfortably offroad.

Seems more often I hear of another attempt to shut down ride areas out west and to think it couldn’t happen here on the east coast is just turning a blind eye to the entire situation.

I have respect for the companies and organizations involved in the protection of our wildlife and creatures that roam the wilderness where we love to ride, but it seems sometimes they’re just teasing us with the right to ride there.

Here are a couple simple rules to abide by. Always stay on the marked trails. Also, keeping fellow riders in check when it comes to trash and preserving the trail system should be a core value for every rider.

The bottom line is we absolutely must be diligent in keeping our privleges just as they are even if we’re tired or frustrated by being threatened on a monthly basis that these rights might be taken away.

Keeping a cool head and fighting the fight by contacting your state legislature will let them know tax paying citizens are taking action to keep your riding areas open.

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