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Without a doubt, side-x-sides have made their mark on the offroad industry and are here to stay.

Manufacturers are producing some of the most advanced machines in our history and it won’t be long before we see another wild side-x-side released.

Yamaha however seems to be focused less on the sport market and more on utility sales throughout its dealer network nationwide.

The 2014 Yamaha Viking boasts a 700cc engine and after a run through the hills of Ten Sleep Wyoming it was clear that this mill still had some legs.

The hard-working men and women at The Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep spoke very highly of their Yamaha Vikings and explained how much they really needed a side-x-side like it to keep their farm operating smoothly.

The work/utility capabilities of the Viking keep The Red Reflet Ranch running and for many rural areas an affordable UTV could be the difference between ranches staying alive or folding.

Yamaha is clearly focused right now on this segment of the market, which seems to be paying off and with the success of the Viking; it may not be long before we see a sportier model added to Yamaha’s lineup.

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