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Sometimes I scour the world-wide-web to find tips on how things work, or where they are made, or even to compare prices.

Quite often I read about guys that have purchased items online that looked like the right part in the picture, but upon delivery turned out not to be what they thought.

After responding to a question in a forum recently, it occurred to me that someone or several people had been feeding this particular young rider some bad advice that wound up costing him money and time.

As I dug deeper in this thread, I discovered more riders had been wrapped up in conversations of unfounded information too.

Always the same story: The rider bought a part for his ATV and it didn’t work out. It was an eBay purchase that had all the right markings and the seller even listed it as a “genuine replacement part”.

Red flags were going up left and right for me when I noticed the manufacturer of the part listed on the seller’s ad was actually a copycat organization and NOT the original manufacturer after all.

With just a few minutes of digging I had found many complaints for the same part failure in several other online forums. All this heartache could have been avoided by doing a bit more research or spending just a little extra coin to ensure you get an actual genuine part that fits your ride.

The internet is a wonderful place for information. With its global reach, you can find just about anything you’re looking for and price shop to ensure you get the best deal.

Before you go throwing away your hard earned dollars on a sketchy purchase, do your homework. Ask questions, read reviews and weigh the benefits of buying an off-brand vs. genuine part.

The extra time you invest in research could end up saving you much more than the difference in price.

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