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I’ve been asked many times where I’d go if I could ride my ATV or SXS anywhere I wanted.

When I think about it I’d like to ride in the Alaskan wilderness sometime just to see the wild animals in their native habitat. Skipping along a glacier might be a cold ride, but if you’ve never seen one up close and personal it’s probably really cool from the seat of an ATV. Sounds like the perfect place for an Outlander!

I’d also like to ride on another continent just to see how the other side of the world enjoys lives and rides. It might be cool to ride in the snow of Switzerland and then maybe on a safari in the flatlands of Africa!

Truthfully, I’ve ridden the wild woods of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the sands of Baja and spend a lot of time in the tree lines of Northern Georgia. I love each and every place I’ve ridden for different reasons and I’m beginning to realize the location is probably going to be fun no matter where it is as long as I’m riding my ATV or in the cockpit of my side-x-side.

Maybe you have a dream location in mind. If you could ride anywhere on this planet or beyond, where would you go?

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