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Someone recently asked me why I like to work in the offroad industry. After a few moments my answer was easy – passion. I believe if you love what you do for a living you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Maybe it’s the adventure or the excitement of exploring new trails that makes me feel alive, but when I get outside in the trails I feel as if I could go anywhere and conquer anything in front of me.

I’m regularly reminded that this is a dream job for many and although I do love the work and its perks, it’s still a job that I take seriously and often requires many hours of research and legwork to make a story worth reading. Fact is there are times when there’s a lot less riding going on and a lot more time spent sitting at my desk.

One thing’s for sure; I take pride in knowing I can share incredible new products and destinations as well as sharing my experiences on new ATVs and side-x-sides offered by the manufacturers. Getting honest seat-of-the-pants information out to fellow consumers makes me feel like I’m helping someone get the best experience possible.

A job in the offroad industry is all about passion and almost everyone you run into in this industry will tell you this is exactly where he or she wants to be.

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