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We’ve been biting our tongues for almost a month but today we finally get to share Yamaha’s latest BIG news with you. Drum roll, please…

Yamaha has just introduced a brand new 4-stroke twin, and has put it in an all-new 4-seater Wolverine!

Just the introduction of a completely new Yamaha Wolverine X4 4-seat SxS is big news, but the excitement surrounding the introduction of Yamaha’s new 847cc dual overhead cam 8-valve parallel twin is sure to raise the pulse rate of Yama-fans around the globe.

This 270-degree firing, dry sump engine is built like a tank – forged pistons and rods – and is said to deliver stellar power throughout the whole RPM range.

Mounted into the new X4 chassis with rubber isolating engine mounts and utilizing a geared counter-balancer, this is sure to be one of the smoothest Yamaha off-road engines to date. To top it off, Yamaha has developed its own drive-by-wire throttle system for precise throttle control and engine response.

Here’s what else you need to know about the new Wolverine X4:

• Modified suspension: Self-leveling shocks automatically adjust for changes in vehicle and passenger loads to ensure ideal chassis performance.

• Of course, the Wolverine X4 comes with Yamaha’s proven On-Command 4WD, Ultramatic CVT and speed-sensitive EPS system. The X4 has its own specially designed cooling intake to maintain proper clutch temps. Plus there’s an oversized belt to handle the larger engine’s torque along with Yamaha’s Sprague clutch to maintain constant belt tension.

• Room for four. High-back seats, decent legroom for four adult-sized riders and an adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel. Back seat is raised for better visibility. Comfortable handholds and 3-point seatbelts for all riders. Storage system is very flexible. You can fold and slide the back seats forward and the bed area expands with the ability to carry up to a 600 lbs. payload and tow up to 2000 lbs. Multiple tiedown points.

• Its compact chassis makes the X4 more agile and handles tight trails easily. Yamaha has designed the X4 to be the most compact 4-passenger SxS on the market.

• Fully enclosed doors and high, wide fenders for protection from trail junk. Full underbody skid plates.

• LED headlights and taillights. Complete LCD digital gauge.

• Speed management system allows owner to limit vehicle speed as low as 25 mph max.

• Ground clearance. An upswept underbody design and wide-arc A-arms provide better departure angles to clear challenging terrain.

• Smooth, quiet powertrain. The unique spiral and helical-cut drivetrain gearing, along with the rubber-mounted and counterbalanced engine has a variety of noise and vibration reducing benefits.

• Assembled in the USA.

Visit yamaha-motor.com

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