1000cc 2-Stroke Mill Could Be On Its Way

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Just when we thought things were cooling down in the Sport Utility displacement wars, rumors have started to circulate about a new Sport Ute from one of the Big Seven builders with an even bigger mill.

How big? Early stories claimed one manufacturer (with snowmobile products) is ready to slide a 1000cc 2-stroke engine into a new 4-wheeler.

At All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine we do know something about snowmobiles. Our sister publication, SUPERTRAX International, is the world’s largest snowmobile magazine. Anyway, we think this rumor might be a touch optimistic.

There are two 1000cc 2-stroke snowmobile engines currently and they produce between 163hp and 175hp!

Even considering our own insane need for speed, we think that might be a little too much for a Sport Ute.

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