Why No 750 Brute Force Shootout?

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It seems like every big bore shoot out that I have seen doesn’t include the 750 Brute Force.

I saw one recently that put the 650 brute against the 700 grizzly, 700 king quad, 800 polaris and the outlander. I don’t find that to be a fair comparison.

Will you be doing any big bore comparisons that will include the 750 Brute, or does it just mop the floor with everything else?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Jeremy Onos



It’s not that the 750 Brute Force mops the floor with everything else, although it is a very competitive power package – probably the third fastest Big Bore on the market behind the Can-Am 800 and 650.

One of the reasons you don’t see it in as many comparisons as the others is that Kawasaki’s corporate policies are tighter when it comes to delivering press units to the media.

Flat-out, it’s harder to get our hands on Kawasakis for testing. When we put together stories we need these wheelers for some time and need them ready.

We usually end up borrowing ATVs from generous dealers who then take the hit on owning a used unit.

We hope Kawasaki will step up soon with better delivery to the media. The free press sure wouldn’t hurt them because their stuff is very competitive in any class.

Kent Lester

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