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Auto, Motorcycle/ATVs and Marine Divisions, along with Corporate Operations, will now be consolidated to optimize Suzuki’s success in the United States

American Suzuki Motor Corporation (American Suzuki), continually seeking to optimize its business in response to ever-changing consumer preferences and market conditions, today announced that it will consolidate its independent business units – Automotive, Motorcycle/ATV and Marine, along with Corporate Operations – under a new President, Mr. Kinji Saito.

All of the changes are focused on internal restructuring and do not affect the separate dealer bodies that support each of the company’s product divisions.

Mr. Saito, who most recently served as Deputy Executive General Manager, Global Marketing at Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan, will oversee all of the operations, sales and marketing activities of American Suzuki.

Mr. Rick Suzuki, who has served as Chairman of American Suzuki, will become its Board Advisor. Mr. Mark Harano, currently President of the Automotive Operations; Mr. Masaaki Kato, President of the Motorcycle, ATV and Marine Operations, and Mr. Motoo Murakami, President of Corporate Operations, will now become Executive Vice Presidents of the consolidated company and continue to oversee their respective operations.

“American Suzuki believes it is very important to make changes and respond to the evolving needs of American consumers,” said Mr. Saito. “It is ideal for all of our divisions to work more closely together, plan together and communicate together as a single company, rather than as separate business units. This reorganization reflects our strong commitment to the United States marketplace, and we are very optimistic about the many opportunities that our new corporate structure will provide in promoting collaboration, leveraging our innovative brand spirit across all products, supporting our dealers, and continually improving Suzuki’s entire product lineup in the United States.”

Mr. Saito brings to the U.S. operations significant experience and an impressive track record of success. In 1999, he was named Suzuki’s representative to India, and in 2002 became Director, Marketing & Sales of Maruti Suzuki India.

During his tenure, Suzuki was India’s leading and most dominant automotive company, with a passenger car market share that today exceeds 50 percent. American Suzuki is looking toward this strong new leader to navigate the company to success in these tough U.S. economic situations.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to help lead Suzuki’s efforts in the United States,” said Mr. Saito. “American buying habits are changing and Suzuki is very well positioned for success in the U.S. thanks to our diversity of outstanding products, including many which we plan to launch very soon. I look forward to working closely with my colleagues and fellow employees in continuing to make Suzuki a great success in the United States.”

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