ARGO Outpaces Industry While Expanding Lineup for 2023

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ARGO, manufacturer of ATVs, SxSs, UTVs and the worldwide leader for amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs) launched their most diversified lineup of products yet, showcasing over 55 years of research and development.

Staying true to its “Know No Boundaries” mantra, ARGO CEO Brad Darling immediately smiled when asked about the MY23 product and said, “Year over year we continue to see exponential growth across all of our segments of products. This continued growth is in large part due to the enthusiasm and effort put forth by ARGO employees to push our products to the next level, ARGO dealers and distributors who’ve identified what carrying ARGO products can do for their business, and consumers who understand where ARGO products can take them.”

Kicking off the 2023 release, ARGO set its sights on expanding the lineup of amphibious XTVs. ARGO unveiled an “SE” package outfitted with a front-mounted factory-installed brush-guard, hand holds and 3 special colors of their high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell: White, Tan and Navy Blue.

The most exciting part about these new SE models is they are powered by the all-new ODG LX 850 engine. This big bore, fan-cooled, V-twin engine puts a ton of go in Go Anywhere. While the new SE model may grab the attention of headlines, the ARGO team remained persistent in making improvements to the entry level Frontier and premiere Aurora models.

For 2023, ARGO addressed consumer feedback for additional handholds by adding a newly designed seat configuration that now provides rear facing handhold locations for passengers sitting in the back. To take that one step further, ARGO also contoured the seat design for the driver and front passenger providing additional rider comfort. Mechanically, Aurora models received shift lever linkage and throw updates to improve the shifting experience.

Pair these subtle yet noticeable alterations to the Instant Torque Drive System (ITDS) and Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) and you find yourself driving one of the strongest, most versatile Go Anywhere XTVs ARGO has ever manufactured.

Returning in model year 2023 is ARGO’s strong offering of ATVs, structured with displacement options ranging from 90cc all the way up to 997cc.

The ARGO ATV lineup offers the right machine for any riding level at the right price. Leading off the single rider category with the ever-popular XC 90 youth model rated for riders ages 12 and up. Moving up to the mid-size category with the feature packed XR 500 and XR 500 SE and finally, the powerful and nimble XR 700 EPS and XR 700 LE.

Catering to the touring category, ARGO continues to offer its industry leading lineup of 2-up ATVS. The XRT 570 and XRT 570 LE have a history of getting you and your companion down the trail in comfort while the mighty XRT 1000 LE not only offers comfort, but also extra speed and style.

After entering the SXS category last year, ARGO is ready to hit the trails and take on the toughest jobs of 2023 with the Magnum XF 500 series side by side. Available in a base and LE model, the Magnum proves to be one of the toughest competitors in the 500-class utility side by side category.

Equipped with electronic push button 2WD/4WD with locking differential, digital display, rear tilting cargo box with contoured bed mat and a fully certified roll over protective structure (ROPS), unique to the Magnum design.

The Magnum XF 500 is ready to know no boundaries and take you on your biggest adventures of 2023. Hunting is all about getting to the right spot, with the right gear while leaving no trace.

The ARGO line of wilderness vehicles continues to delight hunters and strike fear into its prey. Sporting the TrueTimber Prairie Camo, the Frontier Scout 6×6 and 8×8 provide the beginning hunter with a tactical advantage.

The Aurora Huntmaster 8×8 shows off its premiere platform with unrivaled handling and performance while the Conquest Outfitter 8×8 makes for the ultimate hunting partner of any seasoned sportsman or woman.

When it comes to playing in the mud, don’t let the kids have all the fun! The Aurora Bigfoot MX8 takes you to and through the next mud hole with all 8 of its XT119 25″ mud-taming tires, 9″ ARGO signature AirLock rims and VX 950 V-twin EFI engine.

ARGO’s residency within the commercial sector continues to make great strides across the North American and International markets yielding sustainable growth year over year.

For 2023, ARGO unveiled an optimized lineup of commercial machines bred to navigate terrain other machines would never dare. Ready to take on the toughest jobs of 2023, ARGO rolls out their commercial lineup consisting of the Aurora Responder, Conquest XT, XT-L and XT-X.

Continuing to keep operators and passengers safe while traversing some of the world’s roughest terrain, the 2023 commercial lineup instills the confidence your crew needs when venturing into the unknown.

Finally, for model year 2023 ARGO went big. Real big. The ARGO Centaur XT is undeniably one of the most capable and recognizable UTV machines out there.

Touting 71″ tubeless, ultra-low-pressure tires and a harmonious hum of a 1.8 L Doosan diesel engine. The Centaur XT fills the shoes of its early 2000’s predecessor as a true go anywhere machine.

Capable of navigating open water and unruly terrain, the Centaur XT offers additional customizable 4 person, 6 person and 8 person layouts within the aluminum hard top cab that will accommodate a number of differentiated applications.

Engineered with safety and versatility at the forefront, the Centaur XT’s offroad performance and capabilities make this machine one of the most capable pieces of machinery to traverse this planet.

There’s no question that ARGO has taken tremendous leaps forward over their 55 years in business. The 2023 product offering is not only a testament to this statement, but also a true example of what it takes to build equipment that Knows No Boundaries.

About ARGO – ARGO is the world leader in amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTV) since 1967. ARGO markets its XTV, ATV, SXS and UTV products through a network of independent dealers located throughout the United States and Canada and through distributors representing dealers in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia and other international markets.

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