Argo Steers in the Right Direction

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Ontario Drive and Gear, makers of the innovative Argo amphibious all terrain vehicle, has announced a major breakthrough in the operation of the venerable, worldwide distributed Argo.

For years all Argos have been steered by pulling on and releasing two levers (one for braking the right side wheels and one for braking the left side wheels). The levers operate a skid steering system to provide effective, accurate directional changes or, if the operator chooses, complete pivoting within the Argo’s wheelbase and width.

Most 2005 Argo models, including the Argo Avenger, 6×6 Conquest, BigFoot and Vanguard 2 as well as the 8×8 Conquest and Response will feature a new, one piece handlebar steering system.

The handlebar system will be more familiar to new Argo owners and incorporates a motorcycle throttle on the left handlebar end and new parking brake system.

Initial response to the new controls is overwhelmingly positive. Look for a full report on this and other Argo improvements in an upcoming issue of All-Terrain Vehicle.

In the meantime, go to or call (519) 662-4000.

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