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ITP proudly introduces the all-new T-9 Pro-Lock. This is the most advanced pro-level racing beadlock on the market today and is significantly improved over ITP’s previous beadlock model. The new T-9 Pro-Lock is a full pound lighter and uses a new, more stylish beadlock ring.

The front Pro-Lock wheel utilizes ITP’s integral rolled edge technology instead of a typical welded design, which is lighter and provides more front-end component clearance, without a sacrifice in strength.

The rear Pro-Lock features the new outer retention ring as well as our popular, Baja wheel-style, rolled-in reinforcement ring on the inner side.

The T-9 Pro-Lock wheels using two common lug patterns — 4/110 and 4/144 — also feature lug holes with tapered, stainles steel inserts for a more true and secure fit on OEM wheel hubs that use tapered lug nuts.

The T-9 Pro-Lock is built using the same state-of-the-art spinning and polishing manufacturing methods that have earned the line a rigorous QS9000 quality certification.

The T-9 Pro-Lock is available in four amazingly light, incredibly strong sizes: 8×8, 9×8, 10×5 and 10×8. Two finish options are available for each: polished and, just released, black powdercoat.


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