Big Bore Power

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So how much power is too much power for an ATV? We can imagine this question is being thrown around in boardrooms, safety agencies and law enforcement offices throughout North America.

There’s now a formidable fleet of Sport Utility ATVs, some producing (almost unbelievably) more power than the highest performance Pure Sport models. Each of the Big Bore ATVs is fully capable of running well past 65 MPH and a few of them can exceed 70 MPH.

Is this too much power? In our opinion, no. These are among the best suspended, most powerful braking and best handling off-road conveyances we’ve ever sampled. This reason – suspension and handling capability in lock-step with power and speed – is why we do not fear these faster more powerful Sport Utes.

Know this: an inexperienced, helmetless, underage rider on an ATV with half this power is in far more danger than any of these vehicles ridden to their full capability by a responsible, properly attired, experienced ATV rider.

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