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Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc., today announced its partnership with Akraix, one of the most respected names in the world of ATV freestyle.

Akraix will use Can-AmTM ATVs in all of its shows and will perform its exhilarating aerial tricks using the highly advanced DS 450TM sport ATV.

“This is a great way to showcase the capabilities of the DS 450 and is also a great way to reach new audiences,” said Del Bohlman, Product, Media Relation and Racing Manager for Can-Am ATVs. “Everyone who witnesses the astonishing tricks at an ATV freestyle show walks away completely amazed; we are proud to partner with Akraix, whose members have established themselves on the cutting edge of this sport.”

The Akraix team consists of four recognized and respected names in the ATV freestyle world. Jon Guetter was the first person in the world to attempt and land a backflip with an ATV.

He is also the current world-record holder for a ramp-to-ramp jump on an ATV – accomplished on a DS 450 at a distance of 176.11 feet.

His brother, Derek Guetter, is one of the true innovaters of ATV freestyle; Derek is constantly coming up with new tricks to continue the evolution of ATV freestyle.

Ben Bettis is a former professional ATV racer of 13 years. He now races occasionally, but is focused on ATV freestyle. Bettis brings his own flair and style to each of the Akraix performances.

The final member of the team is Steve Weissenger. Anyone who has seen Weissenger perform immediately recognizes his style while in the air, the performer has been with Akraix from the start.

“We’re extremely excited to be riding Can-Am ATVs this year!” says Derek Guetter. “We basically have been riding them stock, and Jon is already doing advanced backflips and just set the Guiness world record distance record last week on a nearly stock DS 450! It’s going to be a great year for ATV freestyle and everyone on the team can’t wait to show the capabilities of the DS 450.”

The first performance of the team will be at the ATV Mud Nationals near Jacksonville, Texas. The team will perform its show in front of record numbers of ATV enthusiasts for the weekend.

For more information on the Akraix team, visit

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