Can-Am Side-x-Side Update

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While Can-Am left some of the international media a little cold when it announced its much-anticipated strike into the SxS market would not be unveiled until spring 2009, we think it’s kinda cool having another year to speculate about what we might see.

Look for a very serious, Pure Sport Can-Am SxS . We don’t see Can-Am backtracking on its self imposed edict pronouncing the company will not produce anything that isn’t “fun”.

Knowing how intent Can-Am and, in particular BRP, have become at identifying targets in the market we would be surprised if the top secret Valcourt Research and Development Centre is not stocked with Ranger RZRs for comparison and benchmarking a new Can-Am SxS.

We’ll bet the new Can-Am will deliver between 70-80hp, be equipped with super long travel suspension (trailing arm in the rear similar to the Outlander) and the entire package will, no doubt, bristle with lightweight aluminum parts.

Oh, look for Can-Am to introduce an SxS closer to the heavily juiced Ranger RZR “S” model than the base RZR. Stay tuned.

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