Clic Duals Help ATV Riders Break New Ground

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ATV enthusiasts can now go places and do things they never dared before. Clic ATV dual wheels from Dual Concepts, Inc. give ATV riders the freedom to quickly transform a standard 4-wheel ATV into a high-performance 6- or 8-wheel vehicle with improved stability, flotation, traction and safety.

Engineered to fit most ATV and utility vehicle models, Clic duals are ideal for ATV off-road riders who want better traction stability and safety, hunters requiring improved traction in hilly or soft, wet conditions or farmers and ranchers looking to reduce yield-robbing field compaction. The wheels can be outfitted with numerous tire-tread styles to accommodate a variety of uses – from rough, off-road courses to marshlands to golf-courses and turf fields.

Clic ATV duals feature a patented Quick-Clic universal mounting base that allows the driver to quickly and easily install the duals in the field without tools. A simple “click” sound indicates the wheel is correctly mounted and ready to go. A turn of the release handles dismounts the Clic wheel from the base, converting it back to standard 4-wheel mode. An optional Clic storage bracket mounts to the back of the ATV and allows the driver to store up to 2 duals on the ATV, so drivers can easily switch between standard and dual setup as conditions demand.

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