Dirt Trax Television Receives Golden Moose Awards

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Supertrax Media Inc., producers of the Dirt Trax and SnowTrax Television series have been awarded two prestigious annual Golden Moose Awards (GMA) presented by the Outdoor Channel to the Dirt Trax Television Series.

The Awards mark the very first time an off-road television show has won not one, but two GMAs. The GMAs were awarded to Dirt Trax TV for Best Videography/Camera Work and Best Off-Road TV Show.

In attendance at the GMAs, Supertrax Media Inc.’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Vern Putzer had this to say: “This a monumental event for the entire team at Supertrax Media Inc. I am proud to have been able to share in this incredible honor on behalf of all of our team at Dirt Trax Television including Kyle McDougall, Matt Schween, Shannon McLeod, Luke Lester, Mike Lester, AJ Lester and Matt Lester. We are a passionate group of people who live the off-road experience year round. Our sponsors are the best in the industry and we are pleased to accept this award on their behalf as well.”

Dirt Trax Television is an international all-terrain vehicle (ATV) off-road motorsports production which airs 26 episodes annually on the Outdoor Channel in the US and on OLN and Wild TV in Canada.

Dirt Trax Television has taken a unique slant on the sport by covering not only the excitement of the vehicles but by capturing the passion and experiential magnetism of ATVing with amazing coverage of related activities surrounding the vehicles.

According to Dirt Trax TV’s Kyle McDougall: “We cover the mechanical aspects of ATVing with great technical depth – however we present the vehicles in an environment which draws viewers into the show – obviously not everyone wants to know length, width and height – many of our viewers love being immersed in the adventure and lifestyle aspects of the sport. Dirt Trax portrays the excitement and enthusiasm of the ATV lifestyle in every episode.”

Supertrax Publishing and Supertrax Media are the sports largest media outlets publishing SUPERTRAX Magazine in the US and Canada four times annually to over 195,000 snowmobiling households per issue, the Go Snowmobiling Magazine in Ontario to 63,000 snowmobiling households per issue, and the sport’s longest running, largest viewership television series РSnowTrax Television Рbroadcast on the Outdoor Channel in the US and TSN and TSN 2 in Canada to over 5 million viewers. Dirt Trax Television is watched by 7 million viewers on the Outdoor Channel in the US and the OLN and Wild TV in Canada. For more information contact (705) 286-2135

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