DirtTrax TV Zooms Past 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

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North America’s most watched powersports television series – DirtTrax TV – has been awarded YouTube’s prestigious Silver Award for surpassing 100,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. While the 100,000 threshold is a legitimate milestone DirtTrax YouTube subscribers continue to flock to the channel exceeding 170,000 subscribers at this writing.

According to Devin Wright, Trax Media Online and Social Media Editor, the incredible base of loyal DirtTrax fans has driven the show’s YouTube subscriber numbers to incredible heights the past year. Wright went on to say: ”DirtTrax TV continues to be relevant with an ever increasing number off road ATV and side by side (SXS) vehicle enthusiasts. It has been exciting and rewarding to witness the continued exponential growth of our YouTube fan base”.

DirtTrax personalities Luke and AJ Lester anchor every episode of the popular network television series. Luke had this to say: ”DirtTrax covers all aspects of the off-road culture featuring both ATVs and SXS vehicles. We are passionate about this sport and we let that passion drive the show’s content”.

AJ went on to say: “Our goal on DirtTrax is to increase our viewers knowledge of the sport and the machines they love. We take ATVs and SXS to their limits on every episode in an effort to give viewers the most informed and opinionated information available from any media source”.

Trax Media produces 26 Episodes of DirtTrax annually. The show is broadcast Nationally on the Outdoor Channel in the USA and OLN and Sportsman Channel in Canada and ultimately on YouTube internationally.

Trax Media Inc. produces DirtTrax TV, SnowTrax TV, Supertrax International Magazine, New York Snowmobiler Magazine and Go Snowmobiling Ontario Magazine. High Range Media Productions is a subsidiary of Trax Media Inc.

For more information contact (705) 286-2135 or visit www.dirttraxtv.com

Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on Dirt Trax TV.

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