Grizzly Still A Beast

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The Yamaha Grizzly 660 is the veteran in the Big Bore category, but still commands a lot of respect.

It could benefit from more power and the smoothness of fuel injection, but after four years its chassis design is still incredibly sound.

Ride and high-speed handling are very good and the elusive “fun factor” dominates because of its light weight and impressive low speed handling.

Our pilots did feel that dashboard ergos are due for change as the digital gauge is positioned way too low for quick glances on the trail and the Grizzly’s once sleek and class-leading appearance looks comparatively smaller when sidled up to other models in this category. We’d like to see Yamaha beef up this animal to bring out its true colors.

The Grizz still holds a place in our test riders’ hearts and the “quality” factor of this big-inch single shines at every turn of the trail.

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