HATVA Splits

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On the Canadian ATV landscape there is only one ATV trails juggernaut, the Province of Quebec. Its sanctioning body, the FCQC, manages more than 20,000 kilometers of ATV trails.

Then there’s the rapidly expanding ATV trails in the Province of Ontario, Quebec’s next door neighbor. The sanctioning of ATV trails and Clubs in Ontario has been under the umbrella of the Ontario Federation of All-Terrain Vehicles (OFATV) for almost a decade.

In a shocking move, the OFATV’s largest member Club, the Haliburton All-Terrain Vehicle Association (HATVA) left the OFATV in August.

This move has stunned ATV clubs across Ontario as the HATVA represented the largest portion of the OFATV’s trail system.

Almost immediately the HATVA announced it would be developing its own “brand”, essentially sanctioning and insuring its own trails as well as selling its own trail pass through a huge network of businesses already supporting the immense trail network.

HATVA has also joined the ATV Ontario Marketing Alliance, an arm of the Provincial government’s Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC).

This strategic alliance has virtually overnight created an interconnected, fully established, signed, mapped and insured ATV trail system stretching from the far eastern reaches of Ontario, deep into central Ontario and even to the far north.

For more information go to HaliburtonATV.com.

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