Reader Feedback: Customer Dissatisfaction

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In all your ratings I’ve yet to see a survey on overall customer satisfaction over a period of several years especially after the warranty runs out.

I know you have to stay neutral, but to us readers it would be a big plus in deciding which machine to buy and some dealerships are much better to do business with than others.

Maybe you could do an article on this in the future. I’m sure all us readers would love it


James Dalton

P.S. I love your magazine



Sounds like a good idea, but could be a really difficult story to put together. Reason is, it’s super hard to acquire balanced info from dealers and especially from manufacturers on the satisfaction level of customers.

All we can rely on are the customers who write to us who have had problems and they’re usually so ticked off they can’t be objective.

In my experience I’ve learned two things: number one, dealers want every customer to be happy and second, manufacturers want to keep warranty costs under control. Somewhere in between there’s a balance. Unfortunately, every once in a while someone gets a lemon.

Kent Lester

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