Honda Riders Put On Memorable Show at Walnut

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Honda TRX450R riders Joe Byrd and Jeremy Lawson put on a memorable show at the Walnut, Illinois round of the AMA Pro ATV MX series, with Byrd taking the overall win with perfect one-one motos, and Lawson keeping Byrd honest with a come-from-behind fourth in the first moto and a more characteristic second-place finish in the second.

Moto One:

Byrd ran off with the holeshot, but Lawson suffered a quick spin on the second lap, dropping him all the way back to fifteenth spot and setting up his heroic charge back toward the front.

At the head of the pack, Chad Wienen actually passed Joe Byrd for the lead at one point, but the Honda veteran repassed Wienen three laps later to take the win.

Moto Two:

This time, Byrd simply flew away from his competition, leaving Doug Gust, Pat Brown, Chad Wienen and Honda TRX450R rider Lawson fighting over the scraps.

A mechanical problem forced Wienen out of the race. Lawson quickly took advantage, passing Gust, and then setting his sights on Brown.

Brown was keen to make a fight of it, but Lawson held him off to take second at the checker.

Overall Results

1. Joe Byrd (Honda) 1-1
2. Jeremy Lawson (Honda) 4-2
3. Pat Brown (Yam) 3-3
4. Doug Gust (Suz) 7-4
5. Cale Downen (Honda) 5-5
6. Travis Spader (Yam) 6-7
7. Chad Wienen (Suz) 2-14
8. Steve Runkel (Suz) 9-6
9. Sage Baker (Honda) 8-8
10. Seiya Sakuma (Suz) 10-9

AMA Pro ATV MX Series Standings

1. Joe Byrd (Honda) 448
2. Jeremy Lawson (Honda) 420
3. Pat Brown (Yam) 339
4. Michael Brown (Honda) 230
5. Justin Bres (Yam) 222

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