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We had the opportunity this week to test the limits of Ramsey Winch’s ATV3000 Winch.

As classic early spring weather in Canada would dictate, there was plenty of muck to wade through on our mid week ATV adventure through the back trails of Ontario’s North. An especially challenging mire left our 700 Sportsman about 50 feet from solid earth and 2 feet deep in cake batter that completely covered the tires!

Luckily, this machine was equipped with an ATV3000 Winch. This winch has the most innovative and invaluable feature a stuck rider could ever ask for: wireless remote. The hand held remote allowed our swamped rider (yours truly) to focus on throttle and steering while a second member of the group secured the cable to a strong foothold on shore and slowly wound the cable back pulling our Sportsman out of the soup.

If we hadn’t had the ATV3000 Winch with us on this ride, we’d still be digging our ATV out today.

For more details, visit Ramsey Winch at

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