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Always striving to provide high-performance ATV riders with the best tires possible, ITP has taken one of its most successful Holeshot tire models ever and made it significantly better. There have been so many important changes and such an increase in overall performance, in fact, that it can be considered a new model for the 2006 season: the Holeshot MXR6.

For example, the rear MXR6 features a new, reinforced carcass that greatly minimizes stretching to maintain a flat profile during aggressive acceleration and cornering. The result is a much more consistent feel and enhanced traction, as well as better balance of straight-line and turning grip. This new carcass also allows for lower tire pressures, which increases ride comfort as well as control. The end result is lower lap times from green flag to checkered.

The new front MXR6 is specifically designed to complement the rear MXR6, and it now utilizes a longer-wearing tread compound, which means the rider will benefit from more motos between tire replacements.

Both the front and rear Holeshot MXR6 tires use a proven tread design that’s ideal for loose track surfaces, employing wider-spaced split knobs for better bite and clean-out. Like all ITP Holeshots, the 2-ply MXR6 tires are exceptionally light yet tough enough to tackle the harshest tracks with confidence.

The rear MXR6 is available in two sizes, 18×10-8 and 18×10-9, while the front MXR6 comes in 19×6-10 and 20×6-10.

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