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It’s been our experience here at All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine that when trying to save weight, strength can be compromised. Recently Ramsey Winch sent us a product that totally changes our outlook.

Ramsey, known for its awesome ATV winches, has introduced a new Synthetic Rope approved for all Ramsey’s ATV winches. The Synthetic Rope is made from Technora (Fiber rope), which provides excellent heat resistance, is light weight and offers exceptional strength. The Synthetic Rope is rated for a full 3,000 lbs. capacity.

Available in a 50 ft package at a diameter of 3/16inch, it comes with an oversized 5/16inch clevis hook with safety latch as well as a standard 3ft black rock shield. Ramsey recommends that you also use the optional aluminum fairlead for less abrasion on the rope.

So does it work? First consider this, Synthetic Rope is lighter than traditional winch cord, offers the same 3000 lb strength rating and has all the great features of a traditional Ramsey steel winch cord. Not only does it work, we think it works better! The Synthetic Rope is lighter and easier to manipulate in muddy conditions. Plus its less abrasive than steel, so next time you winch from your buddies ATV frame you won’t take all his paint with you!

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