Major Changes to the Browning Fork Trails and HMT

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For ATV enthusiasts who think they’ve seen and ridden it all on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, they may want to think again.

The southern West Virginia trail system has begun a massive update of their trail maps and signage to help riders find attractions they may be interested in, whether it be trails with scenic overlooks or trails with rock ledges you’ll need a winch to climb.

Currently the changes have been completed on the Browning Fork Trail System, with the remaining six systems expected to be finished in approximately 1 month.

“Our trails have many attractions, from scenic overlooks to abandoned mining operations that really show off the history and natural beauty of area,” said Hatfield-McCoy Deputy Director John Fekete. “We really wanted to give our riders destinations to ride to while they’re out on the trails. The division between our difficult trails and extreme trails was done for the same reason, so that our experienced riders looking for a challenge know which spots are going to give them what their looking for.”

Improvements to the maps and signage include markings designating UTV approved trails, points of interest being marked on the map for riders to find, and the new designation between ‘Most Difficult’ (black) trails and ‘Extreme Difficult’ (black/red) trails and the division of single track trails into ‘More Difficult’ (orange square) and ‘Most Difficult’ (orange diamond) categories.

Riders can go online to and check out the new Browning Fork map now.

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