Minden Wants You Back!

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Minden, Ontario Canada used to be a popular snowmobiling destination but over the past few years, deteriorating trail conditions along with difficulties navigating through Minden caused many sledders to give Minden a miss.

ATV riders have discovered the impressive variety of trails in the Minden area making ATVing one of the fastest-growing recreational tourism activities in the area.

In March 2011, representatives from the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association, the Haliburton ATV Association and the Township of Minden Hills gathered to develop a plan to get snowmobilers back to the Minden area and attract even more ATV riders.

Funding from the HCSA, HATVA, Township of Minden Hills and the Haliburton County Development Corporation made it possible to address many of the problems. As a result, significant improvements are underway and will be ready for the 2012 season.

– Improvements to the old Club 2 trail will allow better and more consistent grooming. As a result, the OFSC has upgraded this trail – it’s now known as the B112 trail on the 2012 map.
– The Gelert Trail from the Rail Trail to Minden has been improved and the removal of some problematic rocks and trees will allow better access for the groomer.
– Two groomers will be located in Minden instead of one which will significantly improve trail conditions.
– The village of Minden will have clear destination signage throughout the village showing riders how to get in and out of the village.
– The village of Minden has a dedicated snowmobile bridge over the Gull River – no more road-riding or trying to navigate narrow sidewalks on the bridge.
– Destination signage showing Minden restaurants and other services will be located at major trail intersections making it easier for sledders to find their way to Minden.

If you haven’t been to Minden in a while, it’s time to come back and enjoy our trails and our small-town hospitality.

For more information contact Rick Cox, Director of Community Services, at 705-286-1936 ext. 221.

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