New Anti-Vibe Bar Mount for DS 450

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Press Release –

The new Isovibe for the Can-Am DS 450 is now available from Epic Racing Products. The anti-vibe mount absorbs handlebar shock and vibration and allows the use of 1 1/8″ handlebars.

The Isovibe is better than standard anti-vibe steering stems that only absorb vibration. This new Isovibe absorbs vibration and shock in forward, rearward, vertical and side-to-side directions. The Isovibe is also less expensive than adding an anti-vibe steering stem.

The main function of the Isovibe is to absorb vibration and shock that would normally be transferred to a rider’s wrists, shoulders and arms when landing jumps or hitting hard bumps.

If you’ve ever landed a jump unevenly you’ve experienced side-to-side impact to your wrists, that can sometimes literally rip the bars out of your hands. The Isovibe SX will absorb this impact and keep you in control.

Adjustable handlebar deflection – simply add or remove shims between the bushings to increase or decrease the front-to-back deflection. Add or remove shims on the top and bottom sides of the bushings to increase or decrease the side-to-side deflection.

Two height options are designed into the Isovibe SX, to raise the bar mounting point by 1″ or 1 1/2″ over stock, depending on how it is mounted. Two bar offset options also. Same as stock or 1/2″ forward bar offset.

The Isovibe SX model is for 1 1/8″ bars.

Anti-vibe mount can be purchased online at MSRP is $189.95

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