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All indications are for more factory involvement in ATV racing at virtually every level. The well-established GNCC circuit provides opportunities for OEMs to provide equipment in classes from 450 Pure Sport to Sport-Utility segments.

WPSA racing is another venue offering classes for almost all stock Pure Sport and Sport/Ute ATV’s. Here’s what’s occurring now and expect to see more of it soon. Can-Am has gravitated to GNCC and WPSA Sport/Ute Divisions with, big league factory backed teams using one-off, ultra trick, modified stock ATVs to gain ground in classes which were, up until the BRP racing machine arrived, dominated by privateers on basically aftermarket modified stock ATVs.

When BRP Can-Am shows up at the races with its 53-foot tractor-trailers, factory mechanics and enough trick stuff to sink a ship, you just know the other OEMs will have to follow soon. We think BRP is just scraping the surface with its participation thus far.

Next year, when production DS 450s are legal for racing in the Pro classes, this racing-motivated company will take the sport to another level of professionalism. For the most part, the rest of the industry has been largely sitting on the fence, supporting private teams but being careful not to appear like they’re really into factory racing.

Can-Am could care less if you think they’re into factory supported racing, because they are and they’re proud of it. It’s going to get very interesting next year.

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