Polaris Goes Military

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Polaris Industries was awarded a 5-year, $10.3 million contract by the United States Department of Defense’s Special Operations Command for the production and delivery of up to 700 Polaris all-terrain vehicles. U.S. military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq currently use Polaris ATVs.

The agreement, a result of more than two years of collaborative design work with Special Operations Command (SOCOM), includes the Polaris Sportsman MV (Military Version) model designed specifically for military use. The MV boasts the chassis and engine of a standard Sportsman 700 but incorporates a number of unique features, making it ideal for military use in all types of terrain.

Each Sportsman MV features: infrared lights for enhanced night vision, a roll bar, run-flat tires, keyless ignition, a fortified steel exoskeleton and enhanced suspension for increased protection and the ability to cover rough terrain. Metal front and back racks able to carry twice the cargo of a standard all-terrain vehicle, front and rear winches capable of towing 2,500 lbs. each and increased fuel capacity for longer range travel are all part of the package.

“We’re honored to do our part to help defend the United States of America by providing the world’s toughest ATVs to the world’s toughest military,” said Tom Tiller, Polaris CEO and president. “Polaris builds ATVs capable of withstanding rigorous use on some of the world’s toughest terrain. The confidence our nation’s military has in our product gives this company a tremendous amount of pride.”

The agreement also includes Polaris Sportsman 6×6 models modified to meet military specifications. Polaris began producing finished MVs in March of 2003, and has supplied hundreds of additional models to other branches of the military based on existing RANGER 6×6, Sportsman 6×6 and Sportsman 500 models.

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